iPhone 11 - Magnet Protective Case

Artikkelnr.: pt1133

Lekker beskyttelse til din iPhone 11, Magnetisk feste og innbundet i silikon, herdet glass og aluminum

NOK199,00 inkl. mva.
På lager: 2 stk.


Premium class back case. Made of the best quality materials: tempered glass, aluminum, silicone. It has all the benefits of the best case.

Glass structure does not thicken the phone and allows you to keep its original design. Tempered glass guarantees resistance to scratches and enables trouble-free induction charging.

The black aluminum frame on the edges of the case gives a feeling of exceptional elegance. A silicone finish in the inner part of the shell protects the phone edges against scratches.

Magnetic closure provides quick and straightforward assembly. Wireless signal coccects well.